Electric Vehicle Technology is becoming Pervasive

EV Growth & Outlook

Consumers are rapidly adopting electric vehicles, embracing their simple design and lower fuel and maintenance costs. Prices are coming down. EV’s will soon cost the same, or even less, than comparable gas-powered vehicles. Ford, GM, Chrysler and other major manufacturers are adding multiple new models to their line-up in 2021. Companies like Amazon and UPS are adding thousands of pure EV trucks to their fleets. They are just starting to scratch the surface…

Commercial Solutions

Smart EV chargers are a must-have for workplaces, businesses, homes, restaurants, public facilities,  commercial properties and more. Soon consumers will expect every parking area they visit for 20 minutes or more to have access to multiple commercial EV chargers. EV chargers extend visit times and provide a strong competitive advantage. Apartment renters, home buyers, travelers and employees need access to chargers everywhere they go. Adding EV Charging Stations to your property is an excellent alternative that not only creates more value and appeal to your location, it also can create additional revenue streams.

Enel X Chargers

EV Power Source is the go-to U.S. distributor for Enel X chargers, the worldwide leader in EV charging solutions. In partnership with EV Power Source www.evpowersource.com, Aether Design Development is the exclusive distributor and installer for Enel X products in the New York Tristate and Pennsylvania markets.

VALUE:  Enel X offers the best EV charger for the same price as most low-end brands.

PERFORMANCE: Enel X is designated by the Formula 1 sanctioning body, FIA, as the charger for Formula E series cars.

RELIABILITY:  Enel X is highly sought after for major installations around the world, from major sports arenas like the New England Patriots stadium to Italy’s Vatican City.