Construction Defects

Our Construction Defects experts investigate defects related to design, construction and materials, failures in routine maintenance, structural failure, and on-site safety issues with commercial and residential structures.

We work to identify the origins and causes of alleged defects, determine and develop repair recommendations, and oversee implementation of our recommendations to restore structures to their intended state.

When Aether Design Development investigates the factors contributing to construction defects, we employ the highest “Standard of Care” and utilize architects, engineers, 3D modeling and other specialists. We assemble a team of experts whose knowledge and experience will lead to the most thorough understanding of the failures in question.

Who Are Our Clients?

Condominiums, HOA’s, Apartment Complex Owners, Hotel Owners, Student Housing Owners, Single Family Homeowners, Commercial Property Owners, Houses of Worship, Hospitals and other types of structures.


  • State of Florida Mandatory 30 Year Condominium Inspection
  • ADA Compliance
  • Code Compliance Assessment (All Disciplines)
  • Material Defects
  • Mechanical/ Electrical Systems Analysis
  • Verification of Plans and Specifications
  • Architectural/ Design Review and Analysis
  • Building Envelope Analysis Damage Assessment/ Evaluation
  • Tailored Owner Investigation
  • Geotechnical/ Soil Evaluation
  • Means and Methods in Construction
  • MEP Building Systems Sequencing
  • Utility Systems Evaluation

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