The Modular Building Construction Process in Three Easy Steps

Fabrication. Transportation. Installation.

Whether you need single-family, townhomes, duplexes, or apartment designs, our modular construction process can lower your design and engineering costs, and provide you with a quick and efficient way to construct your new project. We also may be able to take your existing design and translate it into a modular solution.

We can provide you with a modular construction budget, once you add the modular cost to the other site related expenses. Aether Design Development represents one of the largest global manufacturers of Modular Construction.


Aether Design Development works with multi-family residential developers, general contractors and construction companies to produce apartment building projects.

Through Modular Construction, it is possible to achieve lower costs and faster completion time compared to conventional construction. Our modular construction strategy allows us to finish up to 90% of construction in our offsite manufacturing facility while site development takes place.

Hotel. High + Low-Rise. Office Building

We have a team of industry professionals whose knowledge and experience meet the requirements of our commercial clients.

Whether considering a temporary or a permanent building solution, we offer a wide range of options in addition to full-service design-build capabilities. From the simplest to the most complex functional need, our abilities range from manufacturing a one- two-story modular office space to hotel and High-Rise.


Our patented “State of the Art” Modular Construction Technology enables us to build a brand-new Energy Efficient Modular Home FASTER, BETTER and FOR LESS!


Warehouses often require additional rooms to enhance productivity, employee comfort, and communication between workers and plant managers. Portable, modular warehouse offices serve as an ideal solution for facilities seeking optimal flexibility and versatility.

Mobile Isolation Units

The rising need for functional space in the healthcare industry makes modular construction the smart choice. Whether providing complex medical and research facilities with exacting designs or relatively simple administrative offices, We understand the unique space needs of the Healthcare profession. Permanent or temporary, we can provide functionality and aesthetics with cost efficiency and quality.

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